BBC's decision to remove free license fee from over 75s - DISGRACE
It is a disgrace that a publically-funded organisation can arbitrarily remove what most rational people in the country would is fair reward to those aged over 75.  Indeed, one would suggest it should be free to ALL over pensional age.

While the furore ensues BBC goes ahead with the £85million renovation of EastEnders, a failing low-ratings soap, and extensively covering Women's football, which is not even up to the standard one sees on Hackney Marshes every Sunday afternoon.

Lord Hall, chairman of the Beeb insists this is the only solution rather than cut services to all, and are therefore singling out old age pensioners, many whom have served our country in WW2, and whom are those most likely to rely on a free TV license.  They agreed to fund the free license for this vulnerable group and were allowed to increase license fee payers across the country - this they did TWICE yet have reneged on their part of the bargain with the Government.  Hall has demonstrated he has no heart, and is not fit to lead this public body.

The solution is obvious.

The Government reinstate the free fee for ALL over 75s.  As BBC broke their part of the bargain, both increases in the license fee should be railed back, meaning a cut in the fee for everyone.  The Government should then also pay £750million less to the BBC, the amount said to be the cost of funding this.  And Lord Hall should be sacked and have his peerage removed!!
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Or just mandate that the BBC can include commercials for a maximum of 3 hours every week. And scrap the license altogether.
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