Sunny Afternoon..The Kinks
If you were a fan of the kinks it's a great show and very well put together went the other evening and had a fantastic evening it's on at the Pinter Theatre just behind Leicester Square go to the box office just before 7pm we got best tickets in the stalls £25 don't waste ya time with rude half price shops elsewhere...highly recommended....
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Nice price for a main event like the kinks Ray Davies is one of the best ("i like me football on a saturday roast beef on sunday alright") not a great fan of Dave Davies !
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Love the Kinks.  Huge but still under-rated, compared to some of their peers.

You gotta love anyone who can rhyme 'regatta' with 'get at her'.  God bless Ray Davies.
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I prefer anyone else.
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(11-12-2014, 11:16 PM)ʞuɐqǝpʎןɔ link Wrote:I prefer anyone else.

You are completely inverted.

Gods and miracles only occur in fiction. 
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Cheating can get you to the top but it is just as likely to bring you down. As well as being morally aberrant it is also high risk.

Gods and miracles only occur in fiction. 
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